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Chris Martin

Lead Guitar, vocals

Chris grew up in Rhode Island, which you will soon detect as soon as he starts talking. But that doesn't affect his singing. Chris came from a family of musicians having two older brothers to follow in their footsteps learning to play guitar. He started learning to read music to play guitar but after a short time realized he was able to pick up songs faster playing by ear. 

He ventured off to try other instruments such as the five-string banjo and violin and although he continues to play the banjo today, he could not get past the screeching sounds of a beginner violin player

​In 1984 he began his search to play professionally while going to college during the day. A local band was looking for both guitar and bass and instead of competing with a friend for the same guitar position, he started his long career that day as a bass player.


​Chris has recently re-entered the music world after a long leave of absence from the music scene to concentrate on his career as a Software Engineer. This is how he found the Southwest Surfers. Chris ran sound and subbed as bass player and multiple vocal fills before joining the group. He has now become the groups lead guitarist. 



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